Vectors EDU explores the new technology called ProPoint. This algorithm is available on the Trimble R10-2, R12, and R12i receivers. At Vectors, Inc. we like to prove things in the field because that’s where our customers work. This video runs through a comparison of a ProPoint enabled receiver, versus a non ProPoint receiver connected to the same base station. We bring the data into TBC to get better reports and properties. The results are impressive! What receiver are you using?

Trimble ProPoint™ GNSS Technology Check out the R12i Here

  •  At least 30 percent better performance (accuracy, reliability, and productivity) in challenging GNSS environments† such as near or among trees or in developed areas
  • Survey-grade positioning using most combinations of GNSS constellations and signals
  • Advanced tracking and GNSS signal management means superior RTK positioning in more places

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