WingtraOne & Wingtra LIDAR

The WingtraOne VTOL - Vertical take-off and landing - is not a choice, it's the only option. 

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Revolutionize Your Surveying with WingtraOne GEN II

Collect quality, survey-grade data 80% faster!

  • Vertical takeoff and landing allows launch and recovery even in tight spots
  • Centimeter-level accuracy without ground control points
  • Covers up to 300 hectares per flight for rapid data collection
  • Automated flight planning and control software is intuitive for new users
  • Rugged and lightweight design made for portability in the field
  • Variety of high-resolution sensors available to suit project needs
  • Capture detailed 3D maps, point clouds, and models of your sites
  • Applicable for topography, construction, mining, forestry, and more
  • End-to-end support from data capture through analysis and deliverables
  • Trusted by professionals worldwide for efficient, precise aerial surveying