Compact and Cutting-Edge Drone LiDAR

Compact and Cutting-Edge Drone LiDAR

The Complete Solution for Geospatial Data Collection

The EasyOne by Microdrones is a compact and efficient surveying drone that uses light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology. It offers easy transportation due to its small size, can follow the terrain in real time, and comes with an integrated controller that shows a first-person view. The EasyOne also includes a comprehensive maintenance program and an Easy Replacement Program for damaged parts.

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Meet the New EasyOne Drone LiDAR System

Land Surveying Drone
Area Mapping Drone
Construction Drone
Digital Twin Drone
Mining Drone

Area Mapping / Surveying

With its high-precision long range 3D laser scanning, the EasyOne excels at area mapping and surveying large scenes quickly and accurately. It's the perfect tool for tasks like cadastral surveying, topological surveying, corridor mapping, infrastructure as-builts.


Track progress and capture change over time on construction sites with periodic laser scans from the EasyOne. Contractors can use the data for progress tracking, 3D modeling, layout, and structural health monitoring


Whether it's a pile of sand or stack of lumber, the EasyOne quickly and non-destructively measures volumes with millimeter precision scans. It's ideal for stockpile volumetrics, extraction planning, haul road design, slope stability analysis, and flood zone calculations.

Precision Agriculture

Farmers are improving yields with field surveys powered by EasyOne. Scan crops and land to monitor irrigation, soil health, and crop growth.

Digital Twins

Create interactive, photorealistic 3D models of assets, buildings, factories and more with EasyOne scans. Power virtual prototyping, training and simulations.


Rugged and reliable, The NDAA-compliant EasyOne meets military specs for terrain modeling, infrastructure inspection, border security, artillery fire planning, and facilities management.

Integrated Remote Display

Integrated Remote Display

Beyond immersive FPV, the controller prioritizes safety. Leverage features like Real Time Terrain Follow to automatically maintain a safe distance from the ground during autonomous flights. High-level commands through the touchscreen cockpit free you from relying solely on manual stick controls too.

Ask us About the NDAA-Compliant Version

Ask us About the NDAA-Compliant Version

Tackle increasingly complex challenges with NDAA-compliant, sensor payload, RC, data link and software.

Fully comply with relevant National Defense Authorization Act provisions. The NDAA Compliant EasyOne Drone includes state-of-the-art sensors, remotely controlled platforms, robust data transmission links as well as sophisticated yet easy to operate software.