Field Software Solutions

Whatever your unique definition of success, you can count on Trimble and Spectra Field Solutions to provide all the tools necessary to achieve your goals.


Streamlined workflows at your fingertips.
Trimble® Access™ software continues to be the leading field software professional surveyors use around the world.
Trimble Access is a comprehensive, easy-to-use field application specifically designed to support your everyday survey fieldwork. With a large map, the software makes it easier to see your data as you survey, especially when used with the latest large-screen Trimble controllers. The Trimble Access software runs on both Windows® and Android™ versions of supported Trimble controllers. You can use Trimble Access with the full range of Trimble Geospatial conventional total stations or GNSS receivers to perform topographic surveys, stake out, 3D scanning, and site calibrations. Integrated surveying technology allows you to combine conventional survey, scanning, and GNSS data in the same job. Trimble Access also integrates Trimble Sync Manager, enabling data to be shared easily between field and office.
Trimble Roads
Trimble® Access Roads software is a specialized application for surveying roads. It adds powerful tools to simplify road stakeout.
 • Upload an existing road definition. Supported file types are RXL, LandXML, 12da, and GENIO files. 
 • Key in an RXL road definition including horizontal and vertical alignments, templates, and superelevation and widening   records. 
 • Review the road definition in 3D. 
 • Stake out the road to the road, string, a station on a string, the nearest string, or a side slope.  You can also apply   construction offsets. 
 • Generate a report for the staked road data to check in the field, or to transfer data from the field to your client or office.
Trimble Pipelines
Trimble® Access Pipelines software is designed to simplify the process of collecting pipe attribute information before the pipeline is installed and to enable easy updating of these attributes when measuring welds and other features on the as-built pipeline. 

Pre‑recording all the attributes electronically reduces the stress and time pressure on the surveyor to survey the installed pipe as the trench is being backfilled. This enables the surveyor to focus on measuring points along the pipeline and checking the pre‑recorded attributes, rather than entering a lot of new attribute information.In addition, the Pipelines software includes techniques to automate cover calculations, simplify the process of surveying and reporting on pipeline crossings, as well as other calculations such as deflection angle computations.
Trimble Tunnels
Trimble® Tunnels software is specifically designed for surveying in tunnels.Use Tunnels to: 
•Define your tunnel
     Define tunnel components including horizontal and vertical alignments, templates, and rotation, or import a definition from a LandXML file.
     Define end face blast holes and set out positions typically used for bolt holes.Review the tunnel before going underground. 
•Survey your tunnel 
     Auto scan cross sections including options to manually measure and delete points. 
     Measure positions relative to the tunnel definition. 
     Set out predefined positions. 
     Position machinery, typically a drilling rig, relative to the tunnel. 
•Output and reports 
     Review auto scanned and manually measured points. 
     Review set out points. 
Trimble Mines
Trimble® Mines software is specifically designed for surveying in mining environments. Use Mines to: 
 • Define and auto stake center, grade, and laser lines to align a drilling rig. 
 • Auto stake predefined blast hole positions. 
 • Auto stake predefined pivot points to position a drilling rig. 
 • Generate reports for the surveyed mine.
Trimble Monitoring
Trimble® Monitoring software extends the functionality of the Trimble Access software to expedite data collection for monitoring applications. The workflow is streamlined for regular, but not necessarily continuous, control and deformation surveys. You can: 
 •Easily set up a station. 
 •Measure the backsight and all foresight targets and save their details to the job for subsequent site visits. 
 •Define the measurement parameters such as epoch interval and tolerance. 
 •View reports of movement above the specified tolerance – there is no need for major analysis in the field. 
 •View information on the measurement epoch while still in the field and then output reports that compare known coordinates   with measurements over time.


Intuitive, reliable, and an extensive range of features.
Spectra Geospatial Origin field software is the new, modern software professional surveyors need.
Spectra Geospatial Origin is a full feature software for every survey and GIS need, including data collection, calculation, mapping, storage, data management, and much more in one modern software package. Origin works on both Android and Windows operating systems and supports integrated surveys, so you can use GNSS and instrument data in the same job file. Origin is specifically designed to bring the latest technology to Spectra customers and increase your productivity.  Use Origin for measurements, feature coding, COGO, road layout, and map centric staking of points, lines, and polylines, and much more.
Origin GNSSOrigin Total StationOrigin MaxOrigin LTRoads
Provides all Origin software features and connects to supported GNSS receivers only 
Supported Instrument List:
Provides all Origin software features and connects to supported conventional instruments only 
Supported Instrument List:
 •Nikon Mechanical Total Stations
 •3rd Party Total Stations
Combines Origin GNSS and Origin Total Station for a full package field survey software with integrated survey workflows. 
Supported Instruments:
 •SP80m, SP85
 •FOCUS 30/35/50
 •Nikon Mechanical Total Stations
 •3rd Party Total Stations
Spectra Geospatial Origin LT is an entry-level field survey software with a modern look and capabilities. Supporting Spectra Geospatial Android* and Windows devices, Origin LT is created to make workflows with Mechanical Total Stations and SP60 GNSS easy and effective.

Support for mechanical instruments and GNSS receivers with a basic feature set for data collection, stakeout, and COGO. Includes topographic features such as feature and attribute collection and map-based workflows. 
 Supported Instruments List:
 •Nikon Mechanical Total Stations
 •Third-party total stations 
Expand Your Capabilities with Roads ApplicationSpectra Geospatial Origin Roads adds powerful features to enhance your road stakeout. The Roads application simplifies road stakeout by providing a step-by-step process to take a road stakeout project from start to finish. 
 Enhanced Roading features:
 •Support for RXL, GENIO, LandXML, and IFC file formats
 •Define your road through horizontal and vertical polylines, templates, and superelevation and widening records
 •Visualize your road and measurements in real-time, all in 3D on your controller
 •Survey your road by staking a station on a string, measuring your position relative to a string or road, staking a side slope, and applying construction     offsets
 •Conduct surface inspections through in scan to surface, to scan, or whole object IFC model
 •Redesign your road in real-time
 •Report your surveyed road data on the controller and transfer via cloud services