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Spectra Geospatial FOCUS 50 Robotic Total Station - Now Available

The FOCUS 50 features the smoothness of MagDrive, the stability of SurePoint, and is compatible with the latest Spectra Geospatial Origin software. Choose from 3 models of FOCUS 50 depending on your preferred communication method and Data Collector. Next, configure the angular accuracy to suit your needs. 

Focus 50 Learn More

Powerful, easy-to-use, affordable and tough, the FOCUS 50 delivers high performance and versatility to tackle a variety of challenging and everyday surveying tasks.


Features include: 

  • Quick and precise measurements
  • FOCUS 50 and Origin software are designed together to be easy to learn
  • Silent MagDrive technology
  • Available in 3 models: Autolock, Short Range Robotic, Long Range Robotic
  • Each model is available in 1“, 2“, 3“, and 5“ angle accuracies
  • PIN code security feature

TBC v5.60 Now Available

This release includes exciting new features and enhancements:

  • New User Profile capabilities to save project templates, ribbon layouts, and more
  • Interactive time-dependent transformations 
  • Export GNSS vectors in .GVX format to NGS’ OPUS platform
  • Reference .vce files in other projects + create surfaces from those .vce’s
  • Linear feature extraction for lane line markings + pole inclination
  • Simplified UAS workflow, orthophotos, and semi-global matching technology + support for DJI Zenmuse L1 UAV
  • New Tunneling tools for automating data prep and enhanced TBM reporting 
  • Streamlined data import and management of Monitoring data

Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware v5.53/6.13 Now Available

This firmware version includes fixes and enhancements to the Survey Receiver Firmware. For best results, users should upgrade to Trimble Access 2021.20 (2017.24 for legacy controllers) or later when using Survey GNSS Receiver Firmware version 5.53/6.13.

Trimble Access 2021.20 Now Available

Trimble Access v2021.20 provides new support for Trimble Connect files and folders, TSC5/Android Scanning with SX10 and SX12, a new object-oriented setup method, an augmented reality viewer and updates for Tunnel and Mining workflows. See links below for the full details on what's included in this release.

Spectra Geospatial Origin 2021.20 is Now Available

New features include:

  • Select files and folders from a Connect project for download.
  • Sharing projects and jobs with other people
  • 12da file support


  • Sign in button
  • Cloud icons on the Projects and Jobs screens are now buttons
  • Alignment stakeout enhancements
  • Layer manager enhancements
  • Site calibration enhancements

Plus many more!

Trimble RealWorks 12 - Now Available

This release introduces a new look and feel, refreshed edition names and subscription licensing options. In addition, there are improved navigation options, new feature extraction capabilities, and enhanced modeling tools. 

What's New in Trimble RealWorks

New Features 
  • All new pipe modeling & editing tools 
  • New light & dark UI themes
  • Redesigned start and welcome screen
  • Automatic moving object removal
  • New Fly to Navigation tool
  • Adjust point cloud/model transparency
  • Manually add triangles to meshes
  • Improved steel beam extraction
  • Create annotations in 3D inspections
  • Change inspection map pixel color