Introducing the Trimble SX12
with Wi-Fi HaLow Radio

A new model of the Trimble® SX12 scanning total station is now available with Wi-Fi HaLow™ radio technology. With the addition of Wi-Fi HaLow technology, the SX12 can achieve long-range communication using a single radio link, while maintaining a robust and quick connection.

If you already own an SX12, don't worry. There is an upgrade option available.

SX12 & Wi-Fi HaLow FAQs

 Click here to download and read Trimble's White Paper - Wi-Fi HaLow Radio Technology with Trimble SX12 & EM130

Now Available: Trimble Access Software Version 2023.00 and Spectra Geospatial Origin Version 2023.00

The latest releases of Trimble Access and Spectra Geospatial® Origin software version 2023.00 deliver enhanced efficiency and accuracy for surveying and construction professionals.

Powerful new tools and enhancements enable users to collect, manage, and analyze data more efficiently and accurately. These include:

  • The new Trimble Maps function gives you easy access to high-resolution aerial imagery, street view and other mapping information directly within the software.
  • Preparing for fieldwork is easy with Layer Manager as it simplifies how you bring data in.
  • With the new Map tools, you can manage and analyze large datasets to select and isolate the detail you are interested in.

In addition to the new features mentioned above, the latest release of Trimble Access and Spectra Geospatial Origin include many other enhancements to improve your workflows 

Read More About the Release on the Blog

Check out the Overview & Features Videos

Customer Webinar: Introducing Trimble Access Software Version 2023.00

Join Trimble for a webinar on Wednesday, April 26 as the Trimble Access product team runs through the main features and enhancements in the latest version of Trimble Access field software.  

Date: April 26, 2023
Time: 3:00–4:00 PM MDT
Presenter: Luke Johnson, Trimble Access Technical Product Manager 

Register: Customer Webinar: April 26, 3 PM MDT


New Firmware: Trimble SX12 Wi-Fi Password Protection & FW Version S2.8.4

A new firmware version is available now for the Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station. Firmware version S2.8.4, along with Trimble Access 2023.00, introduces password protection for Wi-Fi communications. This functionality is introduced as part of Trimble’s commitment to cyber security and the protection of users' assets and data.
Users will be automatically prompted to choose a password upon first connection between a data collector and the SX12. Once a password is set between a data collector and the instrument, the user will not need to re-enter the password. The two will automatically connect.

Support Bulletin


New Firmware Version 5.23 for Spectra Geospatial SP60, SP85, SP90m

A new FW version is released for all Spectra Geospatial GNSS receivers. This version v5.23 is common to all receivers and uses the same firmware platform (specific builds per product are available). Aligning all receivers on the same firmware will facilitate future maintenance and enable some missing features (i.e. Beidou B2b support for SP60). More details per product is available in corresponding release notes.

SP60 Release Notes     SP85 Release Notes

SP90m Release Notes

New Tutorial Series: Trimble Access Topographic Surveying

For Trimble Access users, there's a new series of tutorial videos on the Trimble Access YouTube channel. "Topographic Survey Series—Measuring with Trimble Access" takes viewers through the Measure Topo/Measure Points and Measure Codes functions in Access to pick up features for a topographic feature or as-built/as-con survey. Learn more about symbols, attributes, linework and control codes to help make fieldwork more efficient

Check Out the Playlist

Customer Webinar: TBC Power Hour: Creating Corridor/Surface from DOT Plan Set

Join this TBC Power Hour to learn how to build a corridor from a PDF plan set in Trimble Business Center. We will go through how to import and label alignments, create subgrade corridors using tables, georeference PDF plan sheets and more. 

Will go through the following steps of building a Corridor from a PDF plan set: 

  • Import and Label alignment(s)
  • Digitize existing PDF cross-sections
  • Create a subgrade corridor using tables to match the cross sections in the plan set
  • Georeferencing PDF Plan Sheet
  • Create a base course corridor to match the typical cross section that will tie to the subgrade surface
  • Create an asphalt corridor that will tie to the base course corridor
  • Run corridor earthwork report 
Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Time: 8:00 - 9:00 am MDT
Presenters: Ken Bork


Register: Customer Webinar: April 26, 8 AM MDT

Now Available: Latest Firmware for Trimble Alloy & NetR9 GNSS Receivers

Trimble Advanced Positioning has officially released the latest firmware versions 6.20/5.60 for Trimble Alloy and NetR9 GNSS receivers. Please read the release notes for more information.

Trimble Alloy Release Notes

Trimble NetR9 Release Notes

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