Trimble X9 3D Scanning System

  • Do more, better, and faster with the range, accuracy, and short scan times you need to boost productivity.

    That’s the power of the Trimble® X9 laser scanning system. Capture reality in minutes for a job done right the first time.

    Built on proven Trimble laser scanning technologies that include automatic instrument calibration, self-leveling, and laser pointer for georeferencing, the Trimble X9 with Trimble Perspective software delivers from field to office with confidence.

    Proven - Simple and efficient field workflows suitable for all users. Powerful Trimble® Perspective software to easily manage and validate projects in the field with auto-registration. Smart auto-calibration and self-leveling optimized to increase productivity and function. Laser pointer for georeferencing and single-point measurements.

    Versatile - High-speed scanning to save time and effectively increase scan density. Range, accuracy, and data quality to support a wide range of applications. High sensitivity with all scan modes to capture dark and shiny surfaces fast. Flexible operation with a tablet, phone, and one-button workflow. Durable, compact, and lightweight with a backpack for safe and easy transport.

    Reliable - Trusted auto-calibration and survey grade self-leveling for dependable data quality. High IP55 rating for dust and water protection. Wide operating temperature range for demanding environments. Backed by 2-year standard warranty.

    For surveyors and geospatial professionals, the X9 provides fast and balanced performance in both indoor and outdoor environments and is ideal for:

    • Topographic & General Surveys

    • Civil Infrastructure

    • Industrial Survey

    • Forensics

    • Cultural Heritage

    • Digital Twin

    • Tank Calibration & Inspection

    • Shipbuilding Surveys

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