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LaserLine 10' Direct Reading (Lenker Style) Laser Rod


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Part Number: GR1000T

10' Direct Reading Laser Version in Feet/Tenths

This Laser Version Direct Reading/ True Elevation Rod is used with a laser detector. The special rail slide and Laserline detector bracket offer smooth, efficient motion as they guide the laser detector across the entire rod. No more awkward loosening and tightening--get faster, easier readings with one swift motion!

Direct Reading, or True Elevation (also known as Lenker style) Grade Rods have a moveable tape face allowing you to set the actual benchmark elevation, or any elevation, above or below the bench into the rod. The actual true elevation above sea level is read on these rods, thus eliminating errors caused by adding or subtracting. Since no math is involved, grade shots are much faster than conventional-style rods.
On most job sites, the bench elevation is typically established by the survey, and all elevations on that project are above that or below the primary bench elevation.

  • Aluminum front and rear rods - Made of high-strength clear anodized aluminum for lightweight, rugged, dependable operation. They will not rust, split, splinter, swell, or warp in any environment.
  • Heavy-duty matte textured face - Easy on the eyes in bright sunlight and protects the tape numbers from wear and fading.
  • Tape lock grommets are oversized, heavy-duty brass - Which greatly minimizes the problem of tape tearing.
  • Long-life detector rail is black, high density, U.V. stabilized - Specifically designed to not become brittle when exposed to ultraviolet rays or direct sunlight.
  • Solid tape lock with internal brake slide - Stronger, trouble-free operation.
  • Tape lock pin cannot puncture tape - Designed not to tear, puncture, or rip tape when pushed against the tape face instead of the grommet hole.
  • DuPont nylon parts - Tough and rugged for long-lasting life. The same material is used for ski bindings and motorcycle parts.