step 2 & 3
No radio?  let's fix it!

Trouble linking a radio with a receiver is a common issue.  
This guide will walk you through some troubleshooting steps to make that needed connection. 

Survey STyles and Radio settings work together for communication

Step 2.  Correct Survey Styles
There are 4 items that need to be in common between the base and the rover:
1) Broadcast Format 
2) Frequency Used 
3) Over-the-air Data Protocol/Baud Rate 
4) Serial Baud Rate
Step 3.  Correct Radio Settings
Are your radio settings correct?  Do they match your Survey Styles?
1) Is RX LED Meaning set to Signal Received?  If yes, is the RX light blinking? Do I need to change the frequency and does it match the set Survey Style?
2) Is Data Protocol set to TrimTalk v1? 
3) Is the Radio Link Rate 9600?
4) Did you choose the correct Operation Mode and RX Sensitivity?
5) Is your Transmit Power on the lowest setting necessary?
6)Is the Serial Baud Rate set to 38400?

still no radio?

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