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This listing is for a pre-owned SECO Traverse Kit without tribrach or rotating adapter in ✔️VERY GOOD condition.

Prism Kit includes:

  • 62 mm Silver-coated prism assembly (6402-22-YLB)
  • Adjustable tilt target with 0 or -30 offset
  • Base thread 5/8 x 11
  • Hard shell carrying case (missing one latch)

This kit does not include a tribrach or adapter.  Those items may be purchased separately. 

Please review this scale to better understand the item's condition.

✔️ Excellent: The item is in new condition and has no visible wear. ✔️ Very good: The item is used but still in very good condition. Minor scuffs may be present. ✔️ Good: The item is used but in good condition. It may have cosmetic damage to the body, including scuffs and cracks. ✔️ Acceptable: The item has obvious and significant wear but is still operational.