Trimble X12 3D Laser Scanning System

  • Enhance your perspective. With the Trimble X12 scanning system unparalleled ease of use, increased efficiency, and exceptional quality of point clouds and imagery, are now more accessible than ever.

    High resolution, accurate point cloud data:  Scan up to an astonishing 2.18 million points per second with a range of 365 meters.  Range noise of 0.2 mm and density of 0.6 mm at 10 meters.

    Quick, flexible point cloud capture:  Full dome scans as fast as 23 seconds, complemented with the ability to quickly and efficiently scan areas of interest at high-quality settings. A minimum scan range of 0.3 meters, allows you to capture more detail in tight spaces.

    Sharp, clean image acquisition:  Experience breathtaking colorization of your point cloud data with parallax-free images.  Smart light, LED spotlights of 700 lumens to improve image acquisition in poor light conditions and even completely dark environments.

    Unparalleled Ease of Use:  Automatic in-field registration, refinement, reports, and exports with Trimble Perspective on the T10x tablet.  Comprehensive and user-friendly OnBoard interface.

    The Trimble X12 quickly captures features for land title surveys, buildings, roads, intersections, site improvements, encroaching elements, and complex structures:

    • Document and highlight features or items of interest using annotations.

    • Assign labels to each scan to create logical scan groups and annotations with pictures while scanning the next station.

    • Use auto-classification tools to extract data corresponding to the ground, buildings, powerlines, signs, vegetations, and more.

    • Create as-builts of road corridors, intersections, roadway surfaces, lane striping, flow lines, manholes, right of ways, overhead power lines, and other features.


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