Spectra Geospatial Ranger 7

  • The Ranger 7 Data Collector, with its rugged and sunlight readable 7-inch touch screen, full keypad, and Windows 10 Pro operating system, is built to hit the mark for surveyors requiring an easy-to-use, rugged, cost-effective data collector. The Ranger 7 comes with either Survey Pro or Layout Pro depending on your needs. With the full-features Windows 10 operating system, the Ranger 7 can also handle many other apps that will help make you more productive.

    The all-new design of the Ranger 7 Data Collector is based on the experience gained over the last 18 years of demanding field operations. The guiding principles have never changed: productivity, reliability, and quality. A down day is simply not an option. The Ranger 7 continues the legacy of the Ranger data collector by focusing on what is important.

    Screen Size: It’s not just about showing a bigger map; it’s about seeing results and making decisions.

    Full Keyboard: It’s about getting that data input quickly and error-free. The backlit QWERTY keyboard and full numeric keypad are designed for just that.

    Rugged and Reliable: A down day really isn’t an option. Few things are more damaging to schedules and profits than equipment that isn’t ready. The Ranger 7 is designed tough. It is up to your challenge.

    Enables Productivity: The screen, keyboard, toughness, solid pole bracket, hot-swappable batteries, and industry-leading field software like Origin Field Software, all combined with high-quality Spectra Geospatial instruments means you get the most out of your money. 


    Quality results are what you produce. Partner with the Ranger 7.

    1. Ranger 7 Datasheet
    2. Ranger 7 User Guide