Spectra Precision LL100N Laser Level Series

  • A Complete One-Man Leveling Crew in a Case

    A leveling crew in a case for the small contractor.

    • Automatic self-leveling increases productivity with fast setups and minimal training
    • One person elevation control with 1,150 ft (350 m) diameter range increases productivity
    • Durable construction can withstand tough jobsite conditions
    • Height of Instrument alert stops laser rotation if elevation changes occur to avoid erroneous readings
    • HR320 receiver offers 2 accuracies and has grade displays front and rear
    • Exclusive 2-year limited warranty with instant “over the counter” exchange policy eliminates downtime

    The Spectra Precision® LL100N Laser Level is a complete one-man leveling crew in a case. A complete system is contained in a single hard-shelled, portable carrying case – the laser, receiver, clamp, tripod, and grade rod – for easy transportation, storage, and use. A standard case with laser and receiver only is also available. Automatic, self-leveling ensures fast, accurate setups. Easy, one-button operation requires minimal training.

    The LL100N Laser Level is capable of handling a wide variety of elevation control applications. Versatility is added with a single-axis manual slope capability for setting out driveways, ramps, and residential drainage lines. It is rugged enough for the toughest jobsite and designed to survive a 3 foot (1 m) drop onto concrete. The LL100 Laser Level is backed by a 2-year instant over the counter exchange warranty.

    1. Spectra Precision LL100N Laser Level Datasheet
    2. Spectra Precision LL100N Laser Level User Guide