Trimble TDL450B Radio

Trimble TDL450B Radio

With advanced wireless Bluetooth® communication and rugged design, the TDL450B UHF radio enables easy integration with GNSS receivers, even in harsh environments.

Trimble TDL450B Typhoon Radio


  • Broadcasts, repeats, and receives real-time data used by Trimble GNSS receivers
  • High over-the-air link rate keeps crews productive with less radio downtime
  • Provides access to diagnostic data in the field, enabling the ability to solve signal strength challenges and make adjustments as needed


  • Work with complete confidence no matter what the conditions, weather rain or dust, heat or cold
  • Professional radio-rated IP67 with military-spec design and full metal construction that ensures impact and weather resistance
  • Operates from -20 to +150 degrees Farenheight


  • Easy to configure, mounted on the same tripod as a GNSS receiver or on its own tripod
  • Adaptable batteries allow for high or lower-power outlets depending on field size and needs
  • Versatility to broadcast or repeat data through a range of power outputs