Vectors Inc.

RTK Overview and GNSS History

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Date: TBD

Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (MST)

Trimble Certified Trainer: Dustin Hoaglin, PLS

Location: Colorado and New Mexico Vectors Inc. Offices

As GPS technology advances, surveyors familiar with GPS history hold a strong competitive advantage over others because they understand where the technology is headed.  Surveyors have expressed to Vectors that they are experiencing challenges with RTK equipment. This training will allow you to assist in mitigating challenges by implementing best practices in the field.  Re-tooling your field operating workflows will increase your efficiency and accuracy when collecting data. 

This training will also support office technicians by providing them with the knowledge to correctly dissect imperfections in the data and perform appropriate adjustments while processing the final data. This leads to an overall reduction in costs and increases in productivity, making you more competitive in an already highly competitive market.

Users will learn:

  • Expected precisions with different types of survey equipment
  • Brief history of today’s GNSS system
  • Satellite signals and constellations
  • How recent changes in the system affect you in the field
  • RTK vs. Static
  • OPUS vs. Trimble RTX-PP
  • VRS vs. RTX
  • GNSS error sources
  • RTK radio correction and other options