Trimble SX12 1" Scanning Total Station Kit w/ 2 Year HW Warranty

  • Combine surveying, imaging, and high-speed 3D scanning in one instrument!

    The industry’s most innovative solution for surveying, engineering, and scanning professionals, the Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station continues the Trimble tradition of unrivaled versatility and ease of use. Combining total station functionality with high-speed scanning and best-in-class imaging, it’s your total solution for flawless operations in the field and at the office.

    High accuracy, high-quality

    • 1" angular accuracy

    • 1.5 mm scan range noise at 200 m

    • 14 mm diameter EDM laser spot at 100 m

    Quick data capture, even at long range

    • 26.6 kHz scan measurement rate, up to 600 m

    • 1.6 s total station measuring time in prism mode

    • 1.2 s total station measuring time in DR mode

    Vivid, eye-safe laser pointer

    • Green and focusable, this laser pointer is exceptionally small, bright, and still eye-safe

    • 3 mm diameter laser pointer spot at 50 m

    Trimble VISION™ camera system

    • Three integrated and calibrated cameras in the telescope


    Trimble Business Center lets you fully integrate Trimble SX12 data into your projects using the familiar workflows of the market-leading survey office software. Enhanced point cloud management, automated extraction, and interoperability to leading CAD and GIS packages ensure that you can satisfy even your toughest client demands.

    Back in the office, trust Trimble Business Center software to help you check, process, and adjust your optical, leveling, and GNSS data in one software solution. No matter what Trimble instruments you use in the field, you can trust that Trimble Business Center office software will help you generate industry-leading deliverables.

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