We were in a team meeting in early 2020 - right after learning that businesses would be shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Colorado and New Mexico. Our president and CEO Matt Nawrocki posed the question, "What can we do to help those in our geospatial community?"

We learned of customers who were being laid off and we learned of business owners who were struggling. Our conversations continued and suggestions were made. There are times of struggle for all of us, not only during global pandemics but in everyday life.

Through the continued discussions and desire to help, the Vectors Inc. Geospatial Community Relief Fund was born.

Do you know someone directly affiliated with the geospatial community who might benefit from our support? 

To nominate a recipient: 

1) Click the Button

2) Download the form to your computer

3) Read the Vectors Inc. Geospatial Community Relief Fund By-Laws

4) Fill out and Submit the completed form to us