Are you interested in purchasing factory refurbished equipment from Trimble through Vectors Inc.? 

 Browse the list of available equipment and receive the same level of quality at a discounted price.

How do I find out more or get a quote?

To ask questions about any of the available items on the above list, contact Vectors Inc. directly.  You can send us an email or call our office. Click Here for our contact information. 

Is there a Warranty?

There are multiple options. Trimble Protected Premium can be added for an additional charge where eligible and for up to 5 years. The standard refurbished equipment warranty comes included with the item and is good for 12 months.  Contact us to find out more!

Is it possible to reserve equipment?

Refurbished Equipment is allocated based on the first purchase order submitted to Trimble. First come first served. It is NOT possible to reserve equipment in advance and Vectors Inc. does not guarantee availability. 

What is included with your Refurbished Equipment?

      All accessories that came with the equivalent new item (based on part number) with some exceptions.*
      Items designated as “FRU” (Field Replacement Units) only include the refurbished item.

*Part number 109000, dual slot battery charger will no longer be included with the following kits: 101081-60-RFB, Refurbished-Trimble R8s Packout Kit, R8s Model 60, Single Receiver Transport Case 101092-60-01-RFB, Refurbished - Trimble R10-2 Packout Kit, Model 60, Single Receiver Transport Case, ROW 101094-60-RFB, Refurbished - Trimble R12 Packout Kit, Model 60, ROW 101095-60-01-RFB, Refurbished - Trimble R12i Packout Kit, Model 60, ROW 102081-00-RFB, Refurbished - Trimble R2 Packout Kit, 104234-03-RFB, Refurbished - SP60 L1/L2 + GNSS Single Receiver Kit, 104234-50-RFB, Refurbished - SP60 GNSS Single Receiver Kit with UHF 430-470 MHz 2W TRx

What is not included with your Refurbished Equipment?

Warranty Cards, Firmware CD’s, and Options Codes are not included.

What is the product's condition?

      Products are refurbished by Trimble's highly trained technicians; each product goes through rigorous screening and inspection to qualify as        like-new condition. A comprehensive set of diagnostics and functional tests are completed on each product to ensure optimal performance        that meets factory specifications.  Products have little to no physical appearance of use.

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