Spectra Geospatial ST10 Tablet

  • The Spectra Geospatial ST10 is a field rugged tablet for land survey and construction. It includes a powerful processor and large screen so you can see your data as you have never seen it before.

    The more you can see, the more you can do. The Spectra Geospatial ST10 has a bright, high contrast sunlight-readable 10-inch screen to give you the area you need to easily see your data or manage map layers. You’ll be more productive and you’ll catch errors before they happen.

    The ST10 is also tough. Consumer tablets just won’t survive for long in a real work environment. The ST10 is designed to work outside, in the rain, deal with the mud, and still be ready for more. Its bright display and the included active stylus make precision work a snap, even with gloves on.  It frees you up to do your job.

    It is even a full-on Windows 10 computer and can be used that way. With the optional keyboard and trackpad attached, you can run Survey Office to process and quality control your data, write and send emails, and manage your work just like a laptop.

    The huge screen, rugged design, and versatility make the ST10 the right tool for your job.

    • Large, 10.1-inch touch screen display — more easily see your data

    • Field rugged — keep working even on the job site

    • 128GB Storage — more space to store all your data

    • 4G Data Modem — stay connected and keep the corrections streaming

    • Optional 2.4GHz radio module — survey robotically without extra equipment

    • Windows 10 — a professional OS for professionals

    • Laptop power — replace laptops when using the optional keyboard

    • Works with both Survey Pro and Layout Pro software — the right software for the job

    Get one in your hands and see what you’ve been missing.

    1. ST10 Datasheet