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GNSS Model Aluminum Survey Pole with Locking Pin


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Part Number: 5512-13-FLY-GT

This GNSS Model Aluminum Survey Pole, adorned with a Locking Pin, is intricately designed for accuracy and convenience in any field operation.  Despite these robust features, the pole remains conveniently lightweight, weighing just 1.43kg (3.15 lbs), optimizing portability during an array of fieldwork processes.

  • Can be easily converted to different heights by using one of our Quick Change Pole Height Adapters (PN 2090-15, 2090-06, 2090-14)
  • Shows outer gradations “GT” (10ths/100ths) 
  • Can order the inner kit separately with Part Number INNER-KIT-25-A
  • Extends to 2.6M
  • 0 height, graduated in centimeters
  • Locking pin holes at 1.8M, 2.0M, 2.2M, 2.4M 2.6M
  • 40’ vial