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Copy of Total Station Workshop - 1 Day Class

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**Please Note** To cover our costs, a minimum of 5 student sign-ups are required. If there are not enough students enrolled you will be notified and offered a refund or voucher for another class.

As the technology of surveying equipment advances to keep pace with the technological advancement of society, surveyors need to continually modify and improve their workflows and processes. This workshop will provide the training you need to implement workflows to achieve the accuracies and efficiencies required by clients.

Topics Include:

  • Adjustments / Collimation (Compensator, Autolock & Horizontal and Vertical Trunnion Axis Tilt)
  • Temperature & Pressure Corrections (PPM)
  • Instrument Acclimation
  • Compensator, Trimble SurePoint Technology
  • Error Sources (Poles, Bubbles, Optics, Tripods, Temperature, Etc.)
  • Prism Options / Configurations
  • Autolock types and uses
  • Autolock versus manual sighting
  • Proper Geometry for traversing
  • Perform Traverse using F1/F2 Observations & Measuring Rounds
  • Reviewing your results in Trimble Access
  • QA/QC in TBC
  • Traverse adjustment in TBC

Surveyors have expressed to Vectors they are experiencing minor quality challenges when establishing primary control networks when employing terrestrial total station equipment. This training will provide you with the knowledge to assist in mitigating challenges during the planning stages and implementing best practices in the field. By re-tooling your field operating procedures, expect to save time by collecting data efficiently and accurately the first time and eliminating human procedural errors. In addition, this training will support your office technicians by providing them with the knowledge to correctly dissect imperfections in the data and perform appropriate adjustments while processing the final data. This leads to an overall reduction in costs and increases in productivity, in turn making you more competitive in an already highly competitive market.